Pitching and Interview Session

On 6th October 2018, Youth Enterprise held a “Pitching and Interview” event to select the best 16 applicants to be trained, mentored and offered practical support under the 2018 intake of the programme. The call for registration was made on 20th August and 464 applications were received. From these, the best 32 participants were selected to attend the Pitching and Interview event. The participants were divided in two groups, each with a panel of 4 mentors and trainers to listen and evaluate the pitches. These sessions involved each participant having a one-on-one interaction with the panelists which gave them an opportunity to present their business ideas and to showcase their abilities. The best 16 participants were then chosen. They will undergo training and mentoring starting on 9th November and will last for one year. For anyone who has gone through an interview process and done well, the feeling of joy and excitement is a familiar one.

"It was a joy and pleasure to find out that my enterprise was selected among the best 16. I’m looking forward to being mentored and seeing my project grow further. It is a dream come true!", said Mugabe Davis, one of the finalists.

Those who did not make it to the final stage were not forgotten. The mentors and trainers encouraged them to keep working hard and to stay focused on growing their businesses. Youth Enterprise is excited and looking forward to training and mentoring the selected young entrepreneurs. Our objective is to ensure both personal growth and business development through entrepreneurship and this exercise has taken us to another point of this journey!


Due to their mutual interest in working with young people to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, the Red Road Foundation and Junior Achievement Uganda have partnered to create the Youth Enterprise, an accelerator program for youth-driven ventures in order to support a selected group of young entrepreneurs to expand their businesses - and to create jobs in the process. Youth Enterprise is designed to support the growth of youth-led businesses that have been in existence for two or more years so as to generate employment and to expand their footprint. The programme will train, mentor and offer practical support to its participants. Where appropriate, financial support will be provided through assisting with loan applications and/or linking them with potential investors.

The Red Road Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a vision of, “promoting a self-sufficient Ugandan population through stimulation of job growth and reducing unemployment” It attaches great importance to self-reliance, transparency and accountability. These are the values that underpin all its relationships with partners, volunteers, donors and financers and these are the values they would like to transfer to all the young Ugandans it trains and mentors. The Founders and Board of the Foundation have varied backgrounds, but they are all linked by their passion for connecting young Ugandans with new opportunities: “We work in a business way. Counter-performance is always requested. Looking for a win-win together; that is the core of entrepreneurship and of the Red Road Foundation’s operations.”

Junior Achievement Uganda (JA) a member of Junior Achievers worldwide, is a non-profit organization which prepares young people in Uganda for the 21st century global economy through experiential, hands-on learning programmes with a focus on building financial literacy behaviours, skills for enhanced employability and business acumen. JA partners with corporations, government and hundreds of volunteers to co-create the next generation of resilient entrepreneurs and passionate employees.

Pitching and interview session