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The program
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The Program

Youth Enterprise is a program championed by Red Road Foundation and Junior Achievement Uganda. Due to their mutual interest in working with young people to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, RRF and JA have partnered to create the Youth Enterprise program for youth driven companies.

“We have been challenged by the high level of youth unemployment in the country, motivated by the high level of youth startups yet concerned with the high failure rates. Therefore, it’s our joint wish to enhance the youth entrepreneurial spirit and promote job creation in Uganda through the Youth Enterprise Project."

Ms. Keren Okuvuru
Project Lead

Our one-year training program is aimed at young (18-35) entrepreneurs who run an operational business (with high growth potential) in agri-business, services, or manufacturing for a minimum of 2 years. And are interested in training and mentoring.

What we offer

We offer 2 hours of personalized training per week in Strategy, HR, Marketing, Legal Finance and Management. For more practical and specific needs, we match you with the right mentor. In the middle and at the end of the program you’ll meet & greet your fellow participants, mentors and other stakeholders at the 3-days Youth Enterprise Business Clinic network event. The best moment to discuss the lessons learned and the way forward. In total, the program will take 150 hours.

Our Promise

We do realize that this is a huge investment, our promise to you is that the program will contribute to the future success of your business. Upon successful completion of the program, you will walk away with an improved business model and the right hands-on management skills needed to solve the daily problems that businesses face hence facilitating the growth of your business. This will improve your critical thinking about change ideas, how to handle clients and partners, legal aspects, finance processes etc.

The fringe benefits of participating in the program are that we will use our contacts to actively coach and support you to finance your growth investments. If and when needed, Red Road Foundation will support ventures in finding investors for soft loans or equity. Being an all-expense paid program by Dutch companies, this edition of the Youth Enterprise program is offered to you free of charge! The sponsorship package covers participation in the program and coaching after the program depending on your business’ needs.

Red Road Foundation

Red Road Foundation (RRF) is a not for profit organization with a vision of, “promoting a self-sufficient Ugandan population through stimulation of job growth and thus reducing unemployment.” Red Road Foundation believes in creating jobs by working with entrepreneurs with a growth mindset. To achieve this: 1) They focus on developing entrepreneurial skills of the youth in order to create future entrepreneurs and enterprising employees. 2) Supporting entrepreneurs in building their businesses in order to create long-term financial growth and jobs. Red Road Foundation attaches great importance to self-sustainability, transparency and accountability. These are the values that underpin all their relationships with partners, volunteers, donors and funders and these are the values they would like to transfer to all Ugandans.


Junior Achievement Uganda

Junior Achievement Uganda (JA) is a member of Junior Achievers worldwide is a non-profit organization that prepares young people in Uganda for the 21st Century global economy through experiential, hands-on learning programs focused on building financial literacy behaviours, skills for employability and business acumen. JA partners with corporations, government and hundreds of volunteers to co-create the next generation of resilient entrepreneurs and passionate workers.